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Title:  Your First 30 Days as a New Real Estate Agent

By:  Kevin Ward / YesMasters (Real Estate Consultant/Instructor)

Length:  17:46

Three things you will learn:

1) Commit to be your BEST

2) Train as your life depends upon it

3) Believe in your success

Title:  How To Get Your First Deal FAST as a New Agent

By:  Kevin Ward / YesMasters (Real Estate Consultant/Instructor)

Length:  10:38

How To's Covered in this Video:

1) Talk to those in your PC (personal circle) and ask for the business

2) Reach out to FSBOs and expired listings

3) Hold open house events

Title:  Five Scripts Every Agent Needs

By:  Tom Ferry

Length:  8:31

What You Will Learn in this Video:

5 scripts every agent needs in today’s market including the exact question that gets prospects to reveal everything they’re looking for in a REALTOR®.