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REALTORS® United in Support of Home Ownership

Volunteer Committees

AFFILIATE: Meeting multiple times per year, this committee shall host professional development events creating a platform for REALTOR® engagement.

CARE (Community Outreach): Responsible for fundraising funds that are spent/donated by the Board for community service projects and programs - they also recommend to the Board of Directors how the money should be dispersed. In addition, they are involved in the organization and tasking of "hands-on" projects or other tasks as the committee deems appropriate, with proper approval.

COMMUNICATIONS, PUBLIC RELATIONS & TECHNOLOGY: Responsible for promoting the image of our REALTOR® members, the industry, and the market within the community and our organization using various channels.

CONVENTION/ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Responsible for the planning and implementation of the Board's Annual Convention. This involves site and theme selection, soliciting of vendors, etc. The committee may make necessary adjustments to the previous year’s event to keep it relevant and appealing to the membership. In addition, will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the Annual Membership Meeting.

EDUCATION: Being one of the Board's most active committees, members assist in choosing courses and instructors for Board-sponsored education classes. This committee may work with other committees to present special classes. GRI sponsorship also is under the purview of the Education Committee. The required New Member Code of Ethics Orientation is handled by the Education Committee.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY & HOUSING: Works to promote equal opportunity within the Board and the community. This committee has planned and sponsored our highly-regarded Annual Fair Housing Days which covers Fair Housing, Affordable Housing and Diversity.  In addition to handling Homeownership Fairs, Homebuyer Seminars, etc., this committee also helps with equal opportunity compliance.

MEMBER NETWORKING: Plans and organizes “social” events for our members such as The Holiday Party, Card Listing Exchanges, Family Fun events, and the Annual Bull Roast.

RPAC, LEGISLATIVE, & POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Solicits donations for RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee) and may conduct appropriate fundraising events. They may also suggest to the Board of Directors candidates to be recommended to receive RPAC contributions, but do not endorse candidates. The members of this committee review County policies with regards to planning, zoning and the Comprehensive Plan. Recommendations regarding County policies are forwarded to the Board of Directors. The committee may hold political forums or whatever it deems appropriate to help the members and the public be more aware of their choices in an election/vote. In the event of proposed legislation or regulation that would impact our industry, our community or private property rights, the committee should work with the Legislative chair to develop a plan.

ROOKIE REALTOR®: Assists young and/or new real estate professionals excel in their career by providing them with the tools and encouragement to become involved in the Association. Plans appropriate networking events to augment these efforts.